How To Stop Late Night Snacking

How To Stop Late Night Snacking

Ah the good old midnight snack...whilst sometimes there is nothing better than indulging in that piece of triple chocolate cake when nobody's around, it can also cause serious harm to your waistline. So many of us wait for that after dinner moment where we can break out the chocolate, ice cream, cookies or chips. But why? Well it usually has nothing to do with hunger (you just ate dinner right?!) but more so because we like rewarding ourselves if we have had a long or stressful day. This comes to my next is not so much about the TIME that you eat food, but rather the types of food you actually eat. This is why late night snacking can be so bad for you, most people tend to indulge in the foods they love the very most (usually the naughty ones). So here are a few tips on how to stop late night snacking:

Plan an activity after dinner: This could be something as simple as taking the dog for a walk, reading a book or calling your friend. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it will help to distract you and stop you eating out of boredom.

Satisfy Your Cravings: If you can’t help but crave chocolate or something sweet after dinner try swaping your cravings for healthier alternatives. Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate (a small piece will satisfy you) or bake your own healthy treats rather than reaching for store bought ones - I am loving banana nice cream. It isn’t about depriving yourself, rather making smarter choices.

Eat The Right Dinner: If your post dinner ritual involves you feeling hungry and like you could eat a dinosaur, then you are not eating the right types of food. Make sure to include plenty of protein, whole grains and fibre in your dinner to keep you feeling fuller for longer and satisfy your appetite. This will also help to curb your cravings.

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Don’t Eat In Your Bedroom: So many of us have gotten into the habit of eating whenever, wherever. To reduce your late night snacking try your hardest to eat all of your meals at the dining table or in the kitchen. This includes your treats as well, doing this will help to stop mindless grazing whilst watching TV and allow you to focus on your food. You may also be less likely to get up and grab naughty snacks if you know you aren’t allowed to eat them in bed or on the couch.

Have A Cuppa: Instead of being quick to reach for the snacks, try sip on some water or herbal tea. This will replenish your H20 levels, and if you choose to have some tea it will aid in settling your stomach and setting you up for a good night’s rest. I like chamomile and peppermint. 

Tell Your Friends & Family: If you are serious about quitting the late night snacking, now may be a good time to let your family and friends know. If your housemate loves late night baking and you always have a batch of brownies awaiting your tastebuds then have a chat to her and explain what you are trying to achieve. It can be as simple as asking them not to offer you any sweets treats, or not to eat in front of you. Removing the tempations makes SO much difference!

I hope these easy tips may help you girls, remember majority of the time it is mind OVER matter. I would always ask myself “Am I really hungry? Or just bored?” and then decide what it is I need to do.

Kayla xx

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