4 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

4 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

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Do you find yourself always procrastinating when you have a bunch of stuff to do? Whether it be school work, uni, or daily chores it is very easy for some people to get trapped into procrastinating until it is too late and you are working on a deadline under immense stress. We all do it at one point or another, it can be easy to lose motivation and procrastinate about everything. However there are a few amazing tips you can try to stop procrastinating, and the best bit is they actually work!

1. Create a To-do List
Sometimes when we have a lot of things to do, it can become extremely overwhelming and that is where we get stuck — because it seems unmanageable. Creating a to-do list really helps to sort out your tasks and also prioritise them in order of importance. My tip would be to create an overall to-do list of ALL your tasks (big and small) and then break this down further. Prioritise your tasks from most to least important, and then also the amount of time it will take to accomplish them.

2. Do 5 Minute Tasks
This is a really easy tip that will become a habit if you keep doing it enough. Sometimes it can be hard getting stuff done because we don’t want to do it. Then all the little things pile up and suddenly our to-do list is three pages long. Next time something comes up that you may not want to do, ask yourself “Will this take me less than five minutes to complete”? If the answer is yes — then do it. It will take the smallest amount of time, but in the long run can save you a few hours of chores that you have been putting off all week.

3. Accept Things Don’t Need To Be Perfect
If you are a perfectionist it can be hard to get things done because you are always waiting for “the right time” or the “right things”. While it can be hard to stop until you have ‘perfected’ what you are doing, it also takes up a lot of time and may even put you off from starting in the first place. If you have finished a task and want to perfect it, stop when you are finished, move onto the next thing and then come back later to make it perfect.

4.Cut Out Distractions
If you can't seem to get your work done because you are constantly on your newsfeed then remove the source of distraction. Turn off notification alerts, and put your phone away if you don't need it. And yes, I mean away! Slide it in a drawer if you have to, but 'out of sight, out of mind' really does work wonders. This also applies to anything else like books, TV shows and even your pets! Cutting out distractions and setting yourself a targeted amount of time to complete your tasks is one of the best ways to beat procrastination!

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I hope these tips have helped girls, have a great week!

Kayla xx

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